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Tuesday, 10/25/16


Papua New Guinea's Opposition Leader says the country should cancel hosting the 2018 APEC Summit due to the nation's economic crisis. Papua New Guinea's Opposition Leader has said the country should cancel its hosting of the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit because it cannot afford it. PNG has been preparing to host the summit for the last three years.... + continue reading

Wednesday, 10/26/16


The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner says his police force is ready to stand on its own. Commissioner Frank Prendergast has told members of the parliamentary Opposition and Independents Group the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is ready to assume full responsibility for policing when the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) leaves in nine... + continue reading

Thursday, 10/27/16


The Solomon Islands Ministry of Health is recalling retired nurses and health workers to try and ease the burden an outbreak of dengue has placed on the national health system. At least one child has died from the virus. Solomon Islands main National Referral Hospital has been overwhelmed by an influx of new patients since the outbreak was declared on the 8th of this... + continue reading

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Monday, 06/13/16 - 0 comment(s)


The Supreme Court of the United States has denied a petition of ‘writ of certiorari’ from five American Samoans, who are plaintiffs in the US citizenship case against the federal... + continue reading


Thursday, 10/27/16 - 0 comment(s)


Apathy and lack of trust in government is widespread throughout the CNMI. This sentiment is as disturbing as it is troubling. It is easily seen among villagers who had to break...

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Thursday, 10/27/16 - 0 comment(s)


Opposition parliamentary leader Rose Brown says the only way forward for the Cook Islands following last week’s tragic shootings, is to initiate an independent inquiry to address... + continue reading

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Tuesday, 09/27/16 - 0 comment(s)


A new report detailing the human rights abuses in West Papua has been published this week. The research aims to convince Pacific leaders on providing full membership of... + continue reading


Friday, 10/21/16 - 0 comment(s)


A legal expert explores the decision by the International Court Of Justice's split decision to dismiss the Marshall Islands’ nuclear nonproliferation litigation for lack... + continue reading

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Monday, 10/03/16 - 0 comment(s)


Fareed Zakaria sits down with President Hilda Heine of the Marshall Islands to learn what threat climate change poses her country and what can be done about it.Source: CNN... + continue reading