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Wednesday, 09/13/17


Administration officials warned on Tuesday the 2018 budget passed by the Guam Legislature, which is $161 million below the spending level proposed by the governor, could jeopardize the programs and basic services provided by the government. Gov. Eddie Calvo on Monday vetoed the $724.7 million budget bill, a substitute to the $885 million he originally proposed.

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Friday, 09/15/17


A panel of assessors in Fiji has found 16 people accused of sedition not guilty, in a split majority decision.

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Wednesday, 09/20/17


There will be no cuts to province and district services (provincial services improvement program and district services improvement program) funds, says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

He said in a statement yesterday that 2017 was almost over therefore Governors and Members of Parliament will receive only K2 million [US$609,000] each, two months of their PSIP and DSIP... + continue reading

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Tuesday, 08/15/17 - 16 comment(s)


Due to staffing changes and ongoing budgetary challenges at the East-West Center, starting this week PIR will be updated only three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday... + continue reading


Tuesday, 07/25/17 - 0 comment(s)


Just a week and a half after the French Polynesian marae, Taputapuatea on the island of Raiatea, has been ...

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Thursday, 07/06/17 - 0 comment(s)

Feelings of “anticipation, excitement” first gripped Papua New Guinea as polling opened last month. Auckland University of Technology doctoral candidate Stephanie Tapungu and her husband... + continue reading


Tuesday, 08/08/17 - 0 comment(s)


The release of transcripts from U.S. President Trump's telephone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull show, according to NYT Columnist Roger Cohen, "how... + continue reading

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Wednesday, 08/02/17 - 0 comment(s)


To celebrate 50 years of Peace Corps in Samoa, the programme developed a series of legacy videos to share the stories of the impact left behind by volunteers. The first video... + continue reading