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Sunday, 10/23/16


New Caledonia's anti-independence Rassemblement says it is opposed to a referendum to be held as outlined in the 1998 Noumea Accord.

Paris said it would organise the vote by 2018 to complete the tri-partite Accord which was signed by both the pro- and anti-independence sides.

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Tuesday, 10/18/16


The Marshall Islands atoll Majuro was hit by waves this week which damaged seawalls and buildings close to the lagoon shore. There were no reports of injuries, but a peak high tide for the month was driven over the low-lying atoll islands by gusting winds of a storm that developed earlier in the day. Ejit Island resident Alson Kelen said it was really rough and... + continue reading

Tuesday, 10/25/16


A People’s Alliance Party (PAP) meeting in Honiara has been told State legislations have for many years continued to deprive Solomon Islands billions of dollars of export earnings from its resources. National Economic Consultant, Reuben Tovutovu, a member of PAP in his power-point presentation, said the Government and the resource owners are the big losers because state... + continue reading

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Monday, 06/13/16 - 0 comment(s)


The Supreme Court of the United States has denied a petition of ‘writ of certiorari’ from five American Samoans, who are plaintiffs in the US citizenship case against the federal... + continue reading


Wednesday, 10/05/16 - 0 comment(s)


Land has become quite the issue in this week’s discussions as has been the idea of Maori customary title. Words like ownership, recompense, leases and the idea that for some our...

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Tuesday, 10/25/16 - 0 comment(s)


The Yap State Department of Health Services wishes to announce that the Yap Memorial Hospital will be actively trying to recoup over $1.1 million dollars owed to the hospital for... + continue reading

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Tuesday, 09/27/16 - 0 comment(s)


A new report detailing the human rights abuses in West Papua has been published this week. The research aims to convince Pacific leaders on providing full membership of... + continue reading


Friday, 10/21/16 - 0 comment(s)


A legal expert explores the decision by the International Court Of Justice's split decision to dismiss the Marshall Islands’ nuclear nonproliferation litigation for lack... + continue reading

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Monday, 10/03/16 - 0 comment(s)


Fareed Zakaria sits down with President Hilda Heine of the Marshall Islands to learn what threat climate change poses her country and what can be done about it.Source: CNN... + continue reading