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American Samoa's preferential access to U.S. markets, says Bank of Hawaii economist Wali Osman, gives the South Pacific territory a predictable, competitive trade advantage over most other Pacific Islands economies.

Osman, author of the just-released American Samoa Economic Report, says the territory's economic mainstays continue to be jobs in government and the tuna canning industry, and, now, a new garment factory.

There is little tourism infrastructure, he adds, pointing out that American Samoa, with only 67 square miles of land, does not have the land mass necessary to support a large tourism industry. Osman notes in his report, however, that with the opening of a new U.S. national park in the territory earlier this year, there is growing potential for small-scale ecotourism businesses to develop.

Complimentary copies of Osman's series of reports on Pacific Islands economies, including the new American Samoa publication, are available from Bank of Hawaii offices throughout the Pacific.

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