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HONOLULU --The US Navy wants to give away an inactive aircraft carrier, one named after a Pacific atoll and a famous World War II naval battle.

The former USS Midway, now part of the Navy's mothball fleet in Bremerton, Washington, is available as a donation. Eligible recipients include any US state, possession, municipal government, or non-profit entity, include American Samoa, Hawaii, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and, possibly, Midway itself.

The recipient of the aircraft carrier will be required to maintain the ship as a

non-moving museum or memorial.

Midway Atoll, scene of a decisive 1942 US naval victory in the war against Japan, is located about 11-hundred miles west-northwest of Honolulu. It's now a wildlife refuge operated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Limited numbers of visitors to the atoll, known for its albatrosses or "gooney birds," are permitted.

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