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WASHINGTON (July 13, 1997 - PIDP/EWC)--The US House of Representatives in Washington, once again, has "zeroed out" any appropriation of Fiscal Year 1998 funding for Hawaii's beleaguered East-West Center.

This action follows approval last month by the US Senate of a recommended, continuing US$10 million grant.

Meantime, under the leadership of US Senator from Hawaii Daniel Inouye, the Senate Appropriations Committee has further marked up support for the East-West Center to US$22 million.

Center President Kenji Sumida, in a memo to staff, called this "Nothing short of a miracle."

Actual funding for the year beginning October 1 still must be resolved however, by a joint House-Senate committee of the bi-cameral US Congress. Speculation in Honolulu is that a compromise will be reached and the East-West Center, as was the case this year, will receive an actual federal appropriation in the vicinity of US$10 million for the October 1, 1997 - September 30, 1998 period.

The East-West Center, among other entities, is home to the Pacific Islands Development Program, the Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders, and the US-Pacific Islands Nations Joint Commercial Commission.

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