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PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (July 24, 1997 - Samoa News)---A rash of vandalism has taken place in recent days at South Pacific Mini-Games venues, and both government and games officials are outraged.

The games begin August 11.

According to American Samoa National Olympic Committee President Ben Solaita, vandalism has been reported at the Leone High School gymnasium (basketball), the new netball courts, the golf course, and at the American Samoa Community College gymnasium (basketball).

In addition, vandals also have been causing problems at a non Mini-Games athletic venue, the Tony Solaita Baseball Field. Twice in the last three weeks, all fluorescent lights have been removed and the tubes smashed to smithereens. The first time the field was vandalized, the light fixtures were ripped from the walls.

At the American Samoa Community College gymnasium, where local Veteran's of Foreign Wars volunteers have been providing much of the needed renovation work, paint and tools have been reported stolen.

At the golf course, the eighth hole green was dug up.

Public Safety Special Assistant Mike Fuiava has instructed that the Mini-Games venues be patrolled more carefully and has personally joined the effort.

Meantime, representatives of the Boxing Association have decided to station their own members at the Mini-Games boxing venue, Tafuna High School, to prevent any vandalism there.

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