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August 8, 1997


The Australian press and government have been reacting actively to the recent monstrous faux pas of the publication of supposedly confidential Aussie profiles of various Pacific leaders. Yet even in the Australian press, while the matter is being bandied, no one in the government (to our knowledge) has retracted any of the particular observations: they merely focus on laying blame on the government official responsible for the leak, or the press for not having the moral integrity to suppress the news leak.

To deal with the matter, at least one Pacific political figure, Prime Minister Rabuka of Fiji, says he will bring up the matter at September's Forum meeting. But what purpose would that serve? The report got leaked, people got insulted, and everyone, Aussie politicians, Pacific leaders, and bleary-eyed journalists, went to their respective bars for a libation.

Goodness knows there are enough problems to be addressed among regional leaders without making the uncomplimentary comments of a leaked government report more than what it should be. We're sure that all the leaders will now stop excessive drinking, that they will now manage the financial affairs of state with unquestioned incorruptibility, and that any simulation of incompetence will be immediately cancelled. And when this circumstance prevails, the Australians can then leak yet another report indicating the change, and all will be forgiven.


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