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MAJURO, Marshall Islands (August 7, 1997 - Marshall Islands Journal)---Bikini Atoll's web site on the Internet was recognized this week for being in the top five percent of thousands of sites reviewed by Lycos, a service that rates pages on the World Wide Web.

In the 25 web sites listed under "travel," Bikini was listed number one and tied with four others for the top overall rating of 92 points out of a possible 100.

"Part travel brochure, part historical commentary, it is a remarkable tale of a place plucked from obscurity for all the wrong reasons," commented Lycos on Bikini's web site.

Internet World Magazine called Lycos Top 5% page the number one website review service.

Lycos rated Bikini's web site above such heavyweights as National Geographic Television, Fodor's travel guide, the Czech Republic, the Heart of Texas and L.L. Bean's (national) Park Search.

"I'm stoaked," said Bikini liaison agent Jack Niedenthal, who has developed the web site. "The Lycos Top 5% is considered a benchmark of whether or not you have a good web site. It's recognition for doing a lot of hard work."

The selection of Bikini (whose web address is www.bikiniatoll.com) by Lycos will give the Bikinians a boost in the number of visitors to their web page because viewers can click directly from the Lycos review to the Bikini site.

Aside from a great deal of historical information, including period photographs, the Bikini page includes a lot of information about diving on the fleet of navy ships sitting on the lagoon bottom.

Asked about the web site, Niedenthal asked, in turn, "what do Albert Einstein, Moby Dick, Annette Funicello, Godzilla and Sports Illustrated all have in common?" The answer, of course, is Bikini (or bikinis). And via the Bikini web site, you can find out why Godzilla is related to Bikini (answer: he was born there) or what the deal is on Annette Funicello, also of bikini fame.

The site was produced initially by Lance Laack, who also produced a web page offered by the Marshall Islands government, and then updated, improved and expanded by Niedenthal.

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