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SUVA, Fiji (August 28, 2997 - PACNEWS)---Fiji's opposition leader Jai Ram Reddy left for India Wednesday to muster the Indian government's support for Fiji's re-entry into the Commonwealth.

In his capacity as Fiji's opposition leader, Reddy says he will be briefing the Indian government on the political developments in Fiji since India broke off all ties with Fiji in 1988, following two military coups that deposed Dr. Timoci Bavadra's Indian dominated Labor and National Federation Coalition government in 1987.

During his week long visit, Reddy says he will also brief the Indian government on the Constitutional reform and what it has achieved for all Fijians through cooperation and goodwill.

Reddy will be meeting with senior government officials including India's Prime Minister I. K. Gujral.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka remains confident about Fiji's re-entry into the Commonwealth, despite India's intention to block the application. Speaking in Suva, he urged unity between the indigenous Fijians and Indians, saying it is essential for peace and harmony in the country.

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