SAIPAN, CNMI (November 3, 1997 - PIDP/CNMI)---Former Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Pedro P. Tenorio has defeated incumbent Governor Froilan C. Tenorio and incumbent Lt. Governor Jesus Borja in a three-way race for the top CNMI political post.

The new Lt. Governor is Jesus R. Sablan.

The results of Saturday's general election remain incomplete and unofficial, however, as a result of tabulation and reporting delays caused by Super Typhoon Keith, which struck Guam and the Northern Marianas over the weekend.

The CNMI Board of Elections reports that electrical power was impossible to maintain at the tabulation center Saturday and the reporting of results had to be suspended. On Sunday, the site was claimed by representatives of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for disaster assistance work. It now is expected that complete, official election results will be posted later today (Tuesday CNMI time).

The last available returns show Pedro P. Tenorio leading the gubernatorial race with 5,107 votes (45.6 %) to Froilan C. Tenorio's 3,072 (27.4) and Jesus S. Borja's 3,022 (27.0%).

Political parties in the CNMI are not connected to those on the Mainland. Pedro P. Tenorio is affiliated with the CNMI Republican Party, Borja ran as an independent, and Froilan C. Tenorio ran as a CNMI Democrat.

In the race for the Commonwealth's Washington Representative, with more than two-thirds of the votes counted, incumbent Juan N. Babauta (CNMI Republican) leads David C. Sablan (CNMI Democrat) by more than two-to-one. The latest available vote tally is 5,515 (70.3%) for Babauta and 2,326 (29.7%) for Sablan.

Saturday's General Election also included races for the CNMI Senate, House of Representatives, Municipal Councils, the Board of Education, and other posts, including Mayor for the CNMI's four Municipalities.

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