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HONOLULU, Hawaii (December 18, 1997 - PIDP/CPIS)---The U.S. Coast Guard’s Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Honolulu arranged for three Pacific medical evacuations yesterday while also facilitating relief efforts in the aftermath of Typhoon Paka in Guam.

Late yesterday afternoon, a 35-year-old I-Kiribati woman from Christmas Island was flown to Hawaii aboard a C-130 aircraft for emergency treatment. Eight months pregnant, she was hemorrhaging and needed a blood transfusion. The medical facilities on Christmas Island, almost 1,200 miles south of Honolulu, lack blood transfusion equipment.

Earlier in the day, a 55-year old man suffering from gastric ulcers was picked up from the Japanese fishing vessel Kagawa Maru off Johnston Island and also flown to Honolulu for treatment.

In the third case, a heart attack victim was rescued by helicopter from the merchant vessel Ponto Dromon, enroute to Iran from Canada. A U.S. Navy destroyer, the U.S.S. Fletcher, served as a refueling platform for the Coast Guard helicopter. The 55-year-old victim has been hospitalized in Honolulu.

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