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SUVA, Fiji (December 30, 1997 - PACNEWS)---The Fiji Visitors Bureau's marketing director, Bill Whiting, says niche marketing will be a dominant feature in expanded efforts to attract more tourists to Fiji from New Zealand next year.

He says the bureau is mounting an aggressive campaign to achieve its target of 72,000 New Zealand visitors during 1998, Radio Fiji reports.

Whiting says the only way to achieve the goal is to avoid duplication of marketing efforts aimed at the same target market. This means, he stressed, that the niche advertising campaign must have particularly compelling messages.

Another part of the new marketing campaign, Whiting said, is to develop a closer working relationship with Air Pacific and Air New Zealand. Cooperation with the two airlines involve joint venture campaigns and airfare initiatives in response to marketing changes and demands, he added. Korean Airlines, which flies to Fiji from Auckland, also will be approached for assistance.

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