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KOLONIA, Federated States of Micronesia (December 31, 1997 - PACNEWS)--- So far, 275 workers have accepted the October 7 early retirement program provisions offered by the national and four state governments of the Federated States of Micronesia.

The program is part of an $18,000,000 FSM public sector reform program financed by the Asian Development Bank, including $8,000 in technical assistance grants to support the project’s implementation.

The goals of the program are to downsize government and encourage private sector development.

Kevin O’Keefe, of the Economic Management Policy Advisory Team, said that each of the five governments passed its own law implementing the retirement project.

The amount of "compensation incentive" available to participants is equal to about two years’ salary. Those who opt for a lump sum payment will receive an amount equivalent to their pay for 48 pay periods. Those who choose gradual payments will receive their pay for the next 52 pay periods.

All payments under the early retirement plan are tax-exempt.

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To our American leaders and policy decision in Hawaii, However, I'm curious if this name brand of “ Graduate School USA's” for Pacific Island Training initiative have a standard of accreditation? #2, I have understand that this empire of organization is part of Insular creation? The point is FSM, especially Chuuk State is in desperate need for hospital, access to clean water, no proper sanitation and list will go and on... Are these US citizen doing their job in region? As Mr. Kevin O'keefe? Is the US department of Insular Office check on their work, and progress? Chuuk State have no development and no economy to this days. People have no food, and no jobs. Thank you for your time.

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