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HONOLULU, Hawaii (January 13, 1998 - PICP/CPIS)---U.S. Congressman George Miller from California, who attended inauguration ceremonies for new Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Governor Pedro P. Tenorio Monday, is remaining in the U.S. North Pacific territory to continue his investigation into allegations of labor and immigration policy abuses.

Miller, senior Democratic member of the House of Representatives Resources Committee in Washington, has been a vocal critic of the CNMI government’s policy of admitting thousands of foreign workers, primarily from China and the Philippines, into the Commonwealth to work in foreign-owned garment factories.

Miller has introduced legislation in the U.S. Congress to apply federal labor and immigration policies to the CNMI, in efforts to curb the alleged abuses.

"I am also looking forward to learning more about the state of the education system and the infrastructure needs of the Commonwealth during my visit," he said.

While in the North Pacific, the Congressman also plans to visit neighboring Guam to inspect the devastation caused last month by Typhoon Paka.

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