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SUVA, Fiji (January 19, 1998 - PACNEWS)---A National Federation Party of Fiji parliamentarian says Australia has become a racist country, not safe for Fiji Indians to live there anymore.

MP Maan Singh was reacting to an incident in which Fiji born Roshni Lata, 21, who was working as a shopkeeper in Mount Druitt, west of Sydney, was left for dead. Two armed bandits who, he said, had hurled racial abuses at her, bound Lata hand and foot and left her inside a burning video shop, The Sunday Post reports.

Mount Druitt Police Station Supervising Sergeant John Schonkala said Lata managed to free herself and ran outside of the burning house.

Singh said people talk about racism in Fiji, but in reality it is nothing compared to Australia, adding that the Mount Druitt incident is not an isolated one.

He said those people who left Fiji at the height of the coups in 1997 have found out that the situation in Australia is much worse than in Fiji.

Singh said it is the responsibility of the Australian government to protect them and it is the Fiji government's responsibility to ensure they are protected.

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