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PORT VILA, Vanuatu (March 17, 1998 - Radio Australia/PACNEWS)--- Vanuatu's Electoral Commission today officially declared the results of the national election held 11 days ago on March 6.

The Vanua'aku Pati won 18 seats, the Union of Moderate Parties 12, the National United Party 11, the Melanesian Progressive Party 6, the John Frum Movement 2, independent candidates 2, and the Vanuatu Republikan Pati 1 seat.

No single party won enough of the Vanuatu Parliament's 52 seats to govern in its own right for the next four years.

The new Parliament is scheduled to convene before the end of the month to elect a Speaker and Prime Minister.

It is possible some election results in Port Vila and Luganville may be challenged in court following allegations of voting fraud in those two constituencies.

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