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TARAWA, Kiribati (March 18, 1998 - PACNEWS/Ioane)---A Kiribati and a Tuvaluan seaman working on a South Pacific Marine Service (SPMS) ship, the MV Hansa Bremen, have been imprisoned in Los Angeles, California for drug trafficking.

Ienraoi Tetika, 24, from Kiribati, and Limoni Matangofie, 42, from Tuvalu, were apprehended by custom officials in Port Hueneme, with a total of nine kilograms of cocaine in their possession, Radio Kiribati reports.

The SPMS manager in Kiribati, Peter Lange, said one of the seamen had a kilogram of cocaine hidden inside his handbag, with half a kilogram in his shoes. Another five kilograms were found in his cabin. The other seaman had two kilograms of cocaine sewn inside his jacket.

Lange says this latest episode has brought to eight the number of SPMS seamen arrested for drug trafficking.

One is still in prison in Colombia, one is awaiting trial in Livono, Italy and another two recently were released from detention in Germany and Belgium, he said.

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