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SUVA, Fiji (April 8, 1998 - Radio Australia)---The Fiji Government has scrapped its Asian business migration plan.

Pacific correspondent Richard Dinnen reports it was not the success the government had hoped for.

"The Fiji Cabinet decided to scrap the scheme, saying it had failed to operate the way they thought it would.

"It had been a controversial plan.

"Asian nationals were asked to pay 100-thousand Fijian dollars and, in return, they would be allowed to immigrate to Fiji and set up a business.

"Critics of the scheme said it was unwise to be encouraging immigration from Asia when Fiji still has many racial issues to resolve with its large Indian community.

"Business migration to Fiji will now be handled through regular immigration processes, but the government plans to present a Foreign Investment Bill to Parliament next month, to help smooth the way for foreign investors coming to Fiji."

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