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APIA, Samoa (April 20, 1998 - PACNEWS)---Samoa's Polynesian Airlines has entered into code sharing discussions with Hawaiian Airlines.

The Asian market crash, pressuring Polynesian to expand to North America and European markets, prompted the Samoa-based airline to make the move.

Asia's financial troubles, a Polynesian spokesperson said, mean potential tourists from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other Asian areas are staying home and not traveling to areas served by Polynesian. Asian countries now also are significantly stronger competitors for tourism, he added, because their currencies have dropped so low.

As a result, Polynesian last week held talks with Hawaiian Airlines in an attempt to access U.S. mainland and European markets by code sharing, buying seats on Hawaiian's planes and selling them as Polynesian's.

Last month, in a further effort to bolster traffic, Polynesian set up an office in Los Angeles.

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