AFTER MORUROA: France in the South Pacific

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New book on French colonialism in the Pacific

By Nic Maclellan and Jean Chesneaux

After Moruroa looks at the history of French colonialism in the Pacific -from the French Revolution to the Matignon Accords in New Caledonia and the end of nuclear testing at Moruroa and Fangataufa atolls.

What is the future for France's Pacific colonies? As France integrates further with the European Union, can it retain ties with Pacific islands on the other side of the world? How will political changes in New Caledonia and a growing independence movement in French Polynesia impact on Paris?

Nic Maclellan and Jean Chesneaux review the social, cultural, political and environmental impact of France's presence in the region. They document French policy over two centuries, drawing on sources from Europe, Australia and the Pacific. With France's "Grand Design" for the Pacific under challenge today, thisauthoritative study looks at the future for the South Pacific - after Moruroa.

NIC MACLELLAN is an Australian researcher and community development worker, currently working at the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (PCRC) in Suva, Fiji.

JEAN CHESNEAUX is emeritus professor of Asian and Pacific History at the Université de Paris VII.

AFTER MORUROA is recommended by:

"The age of colonialism has not ended. As with East Timor, the Kanak people of New Caledonia and the Maohi people of French Polynesia have the right to self-determination and independence. This book outlines the history of French colonialism in the South Pacific and shows how Pacific peoples are seeking to determine their own future, in freedom and dignity."

José Ramos Horta, 1996 Nobel Peace Prize Co-laureate

"The political shape of the Pacific is changing - new tensions, new affiliations, new relationships. The world, so accustomed to seeing the Pacific split in two on either side of a world map which has Europe in the center, must come to terms with the urgency of the issues of the 'Liquid Continent'. This book will certainly help raise that awareness."

John Taroanui Doom, Executive Secretary for the Pacific, World Council of Churches

AFTER MORUROA: France in the South Pacific By Nic Maclellan and Jean Chesneaux Published by Ocean Press (April 1998) HISTORY/ENVIRONMENT/CURRENT AFFAIRS 300 pages, maps, index. ISBN 1-876175-05-2 paper Aust$29.95

HOW TO ORDER: Send Aust$29.95 to Ocean Press, GPO Box 3279, Melbourne 3001, Australia Tel: 03-9372 2683 * Fax: 03-9372 1765 * E-mail: [email protected]

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