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TARAWA, Kiribati (April 21, 1998 - PACNEWS/Ioane)---Nauru's President, Kinza Clodumar, has assured his Kiribati counterpart, Teburoro Tito, that all outstanding grievances by I-Kiribati workers at the Nauru Phosphate Corporation (NPC) will be dealt with soon.

At a recent meeting of the two Presidents, Tito reminded Clodumar of the outstanding issues, which have not been dealt with because of frequent changes in the Nauru government, Radio Kiribati reports.

President Tito says salary is one of them.

He expressed concern that I-Kiribati NPC employees were being paid only $AUS .50 ($US .32) an hour plus rations. Tito asked for improvement in the pay rate, which is substantially below the minimum $AUS 1.35 ($US .87) an hour paid in Kiribati.

Transportation during recruitment and repatriation is another problem to be addressed. In the past, Tito said, the system sometimes worked perfectly well but, at other times, it was ignored and many I-Kiribati NPC workers had to pay for their own fares, as well as accommodation in Tarawa while in transit to their home islands.

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