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MAJURO, Marshall islands (April 27, 1998 - Radio Australia)---The leaders of Bikini say they are confident the United States supports their plan to re-settle the Marshall Islands atoll.

Bikini was used by the U.S. as a nuclear test site, 1946-1958, and was left heavily contaminated by radiation.

A delegation of Bikini leaders has returned to the Marshalls from meetings last week with U.S. officials in Washington, during which the U.S. declared its commitment to support a clean-up of the atoll and eventual resettlement.

However, the Bikini delegation failed to secure assurances that current scientific data, which says Bikini can be made safe for rehabilitation, is accurate.

The Bikini leaders say they will continue working to get the U.S. Department of Energy to recommend a clean-up plan, which they want endorsed by U.S. President Bill Clinton.

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