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TARAWA, Kiribati (May 12, 1998 - Te Uekera/Ioane)---The Kiribati government has accepted a request from Nauru to help police Nauru's waters, reports the Kiribati newspaper Te Uekera.

The leaders of the two Micronesian nations, Kiribati President Teburoro Tito and Nauru President Kinza Clodumar, agreed to the arrangement during a recent meeting in Nauru.

Te Uekera reports that Kiribati will use its "one and only Australian supplied and equipped patrol boat," the RKS Te Anoai, in carrying out the police work.

Kiribati President Tito said Nauru has agreed to pay all expenses involved in the patrol operations of the RKS Te Anoai in Nauru waters.

Nauru has no naval vessel that it can use for surveillance or patrol purposes.

Te Uekera quoted Nauru President Clodumar as saying that when Nauru acquires a patrol boat, it will be based in Kiribati.

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