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PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (May 20, 1998 - Samoa News)---Ottoville Development, Inc. has not lost faith in its dream for a hotel and shopping center complex in American Samoa to someday become a reality.

The proposed site lies on the Southeast corner of the intersection of the Ili'ili/Airport and Ottoville roads in the village of Tafuna, where the population has increased significantly during the last couple of years.

When the hotel proposal was discussed at public meetings, residents expressed fears the hotel facility would put a big demand on the already overtaxed water supply in the Tualauta District, where the village of Tafuna is situated, and that the presence of a shopping center would lead to traffic congestion.

Company representative Vince Haleck told the Samoa News that the hotel and shopping complex project is "very much alive," and they are gradually going through the permitting process.

He added, however, they have modified the original plan by scaling down the proposed hotel from 200 to 100 rooms.

The proposed development will include a convention center, swimming pool, shopping center and restaurants.

The developers hope the shopping center will attract major off-island clothing, furniture and food retail companies.

"This kind of project doesn't happen overnight," elaborated Haleck. "But it will happen."

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