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By Phil Yombon

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (May 26, 1998 - The National/Pasifik Nius/Niuswire)---Central Governor Ted Diro has urged the industrial sector to establish a new private university that would facilitate specialized teaching and training for Papua New Guineans, reports the National.

The governor said PNG urgently needed specialized education to cater for the growing needs of the industrial sector.

Mr. Diro said it was high time for the mining and petroleum companies operating in PNG to establish a university so that the university's products would better serve their own growing industry, as well as other industries.

He cited a case where 1,300 by-products are being produced using crude oil in other countries because of the availability of skilled and well-educated people, reiterating that if the mining and petroleum companies could provide specialized training, then PNG could also make the best of its resources like crude oil and minerals.

He also highlighted the need for sharing responsibility in education between the parents, teachers, pastors, family, community, and other groups to achieve a fully educated society.

Education Minister Muki Taranupi pointed out some of the issues that the education systems faces at the provincial, local and school levels: Developing and producing appropriate curricula related to student needs and those of the local community; effective involvement of the community as important partners in education and their role in developing community, vernacular or tok-ples initiatives -- early childhood and cultural education; and improving the quality and administrative capacity of teachers, schools administrators, district and provincial education administrators.

The challenge was to reshape education going into the new millennium, Mr. Taranupi said, adding that future education would be shaped by the leaders and managers of education at all levels.

He further called on those responsible to provide leadership in the areas of capacity building as well as continue to facilitate, monitor and assist in all facets of the reforms.

Education Secretary Peter Baki said productive partnership was a challenge for all, and it was their duty to search for ways to make existing partnership arrangements work and propose creative alternatives to higher authorities for their decisions.

"We must do this, because the government's goal of appropriate, sustainable and integral human development for a literate, educated and skilled nation can only be effectively achieved in a collaborative fashion."

Title -- 1392 EDUCATION: Diro calls for PNG 'private' university Date -- 26 May 1998 Byline -- Phil Yombon Origin -- Pasifik Nius Source -- The National (PNG), 26/5/98 Copyright -- The National Status – Unabridged

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