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From Bob Wernet, USS Missouri Memorial Association Aboard the Crowley "Sea Victory" Tugboat Wednesday, June 10, 1998 6:00 p.m./ADT Report For Past 12-Hours

The rendezvous of Matson's "Maui" with the USS Missouri this morning served as the day's highlight, but in our eyes, another development occurred.

Everyone aboard noticed and commented about the return of the albatross which left us earlier for perhaps more plentiful feeding waters. But with the appearance now of three fishing lines trolling behind the "Sea Victory" to the downwind side of our vessel and the USS Missouri, the albatross may have re-discovered opportunity in our vicinity.

Opportunity so far has eluded our fishermen, but Chief Engineer, Gene Murns, a veteran sailor and fisherman, declares: "It's still early; we have a week and a half to go."

Our inventive, prolific and considerate cook, "CJ" Good, has also been keeping a watch on nearby bird-life. Some days ago, he spotted three small birds he assumed hitched rides on the Missouri from Astoria and soon found themselves stranded around the "Sea Victory" with no land in sight.

He hasn't seen them today, two sparrow-like small birds and a dove, he said, but when he sees them again, if he does, he'll try to get water to them. "I can't do anything for them if they don't land," he professed.

LATITUDE = 32 degrees, 29 minutes LONGITUDE = 136 degrees, 41 minutes LOCATION: At 5:42 pm/ADT, we were 997 nautical miles due west at the same latitude as the border of the United States and Mexico, with Tijuana, Mexico the most prominent populated city in the immediate area. OCEAN DEPTH BELOW = 1,885 fathoms or 11,310 feet COURSE = Maintaining 228 degrees PAST 12-HOUR DISTANCE RUN = 73.4 nautical miles PAST 12-HOUR AVERAGE SPEED = 6.1 knots TOTAL DISTANCE RUN = 1,031.5 nautical miles (43.7%) TOTAL AVERAGE SPEED = 6.2 knots HOURS FROM DEPARTURE = 166 hours DISTANCE TO DIAMOND HEAD = 1,329.3 nautical miles DAYS IN TRANSIT = 6.9 days WINDS = Northerly at 20 knots SEA & SWELL = Combined 8 feet AIR TEMPERATURE = 61 degrees SEA TEMPERATURE = 61 degrees SKIES = Overcast

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