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By Maika Bolatiki

SUVA, Fiji (June 30, 1998 - Daily Post/Pasifik Nius/Niuswire)---There was peace at Monasavu as the landowners continued their silent protest for their demand of $F 35 million ($US 17.5 million) compensation from the Fiji Government, the Daily Post reports.

Spokesman Tomasi Tikonilia, 56, confirmed yesterday that there would be no violence at the protest site and all they would like the Government to do is to honor their demand.

"We have no other grudges as all we need is the money," said Mr. Tikonilia.

The landowners condemned reports that they were involved in the fire that caused a $F 500,000 ($US 250,000) loss at the Wailoa Power Station, which supplies 80 per cent of the electrical power on the main island of Viti Levu.

The damage was confirmed by Assistant Superintendent Romanu Tikotikoca.

Mr. Tikonilia said the landowners welcomed the presence of the police in the area and said they would help with the investigation into the fire.

However, he said that they played no part in the fire. "We're not party to the fire," Mr. Tikonilia said, but stressed that the landowners remain firm in their demand for compensation.

Meantime, power station spokesperson Tikotikoca said and investigation into the fire which started early on Sunday morning was continuing.

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SUVA, FIJI (June 30, 1998 - PACNEWS)---Fiji Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has sharply criticized traditional landowners who are claiming $US 80 million in compensation for the use of the country's main hydroelectric site.

The Fiji Times quotes Rabuka as saying that the landowners have no right to claim compensation.

Rabuka says a deal had been struck before the hydroelectricity project began, and landowners were paid for the land which is now covered by water.

The current crisis in which there was an arson attack last Sunday, the Prime Minister says, "was a political move by nationalist politicians Sakeasi Butadroka and Kavekini Navuso, which will get them nowhere."

Police have confirmed the two politicians will be questioned about Sunday's fire.

Rabuka says there is still a chance for dialogue between the government and the landowners, but this will not be possible "while they use illegal tactics," adding that "there's a lot of selfishness."

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