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EDITORIAL 19 July 1998

SUVA: The robbery at the University of the South Pacific campus in Suva on Friday [17 July 1998] shows again how the law and order situation in Fiji is continuing to deteriorate. It is the second such attack at the university. The first was an armed robbery of the ANZ Bank branch there some time ago.

This latest attack was made during lunch break when people were around. We cannot call it daring because such a label would only act to glamorize the event. But we can certainly call it bold because it was executed with good timing and confidence.

The robbery has again underscored the great feeling of insecurity that prevails in the country, especially when large sums of money are involved.

There is certainly something wrong somewhere if masked robbers armed with cane knives can drive past a guard post, threaten people and run away with their money.

What is the police doing about protecting people from attacks like this? Where is it leading us as a community? When is it going to end?

One way of looking at it is to blame the university's slack security system. The other is to acknowledge the fact that law and order is the responsibility of the police. It is not the fault of people, or their lack of proper security, as has often been suggested, that they are being robbed. People are being robbed because of the failure of the police to tackle the country's crime problems effectively.

There may be several good reasons for such a breakdown in the effectiveness of police to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe from thugs and robbers. To identify those weaknesses is the job of the police and the relevant government authorities. It is for everyone's good that they do that job quickly - and do it right.

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