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SUVA, Fiji (July 23, 1998 - Daily Post)---Fiji's Opposition Leader Jai Ram Reddy said next year's general election must be held as scheduled as required by the 1997 constitution, the Daily Post reports.

He said the National Federation Party was vehemently opposed to any call to prolong the life of Parliament as it is opposed to any attempt to meddle with the new constitution.

"There are no good reasons for prolonging the life of Parliament and it is important for the future of the country that the rule of law is applied and the constitution is adhered to," Mr. Reddy said.

"There can never be any good reason for the interference with the democratic process. We as a country paid a heavy price for doing so in 1987."

Mr. Reddy said elections were not about political convenience of parties or its leaders, but about the right of the ordinary people to choose their [representatives] and parliamentarians from time to time.

Mr. Reddy said he had not heard anything from the Prime Minister on such an issue.

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