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PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (July 28, 1998 - Samoa News)---The lack of appropriate drinking water on Swains Island has prompted members of the House to pass a US$ 25,000 bill to construct a permanent water tank on the low-lying atoll.

Located 300 miles from the main island of Tutuila, Swains Island received temporary relief late last year with the installation of three 1,600-gallon fiberglass portable water tanks, at the dispensary, school and communication building.

However, fiberglass water tanks last only 10 years and a permanent water tank is needed, as the spring wells on the island are no long useful.

Most families continue to use 55-gallon drums for water catchment purposes.

Concern about maintaining an adequate water supply continue to be raised by the 29 residents on Swains because of the number of hurricanes that pass through the island, such as Tropical Storm Ron with 90 mile-per-hour winds early this year.

The House legislation needs to be passed by the Senate and approved by the Governor before work on building the new water tank can begin.

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