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Jakarta, Indonesia August 7, 1998

Message from Komite Solidaritas Rakyat Irian Kosorairi to The Secretary General of the United Nations Dr. Kofi Annan New York


This is the fourth appeal to you regarding the human rights violations now taking place in West Papua (Irian Jaya, Indonesia).

The peaceful demonstration of the Papuan people in Biak during July 1 to 6 was suppressed by the Indonesian army which caused bloodshed. The total cost of human lives which had occurred on July 6th were hundreds of people.

This was denied by the Indonesian government and claimed that only one died and the family was granted a sum of Rp 10 million as a token condolence. Eyewitnesses said, however, that on July 6, 139 people were loaded on two frigates and headed in two directions to the east and to the west and these people were dropped into the sea.

The following records of reports from the Christian Evangelical Church (GKI) in Biak showed the following evidence:

Since July 3 we have sent you a facsimile letter to draw your attention that these human tragedies might happen if the United Nations did not intervene. Despite all these human tragedies which have been reported to you regularly from our side and from other sources as well, there has been no response at all from your side.

And this time again we strongly demand the attention of the United Nations and appeal to your personal human understanding and feeling to respond to this type of barbaric action against our people of West Papua who had undergone these relentless human rights violations for 35 years under the Indonesian regime.

It is our hope that you will realize that to prolong the situation and to leave the Papuan people under the regime of the Indonesian Government in West Papua (Irian Jaya) will automatically grant the Indonesian Government the free hand to continue the oppression and violations of all basic human rights.

You might understand as well that in desperation people will strike back and again this will accelerate further killings by the Indonesian Military leading toward genocide to the people of West Papua and possibly a total annihilation.

It is therefore understood that the United Nations as a world Body could prevent this bloodshed. We hope and believe in the good intentions of the United Nations to take the necessary actions to intervene, and demand the Indonesian Government to stop the killings and military operations in West Papua and grant the people of West Papua the freedom to vote for their own future.

We highly appreciate your kind understanding and attention and will continue to look forward to your soonest response. God bless you!


Signed by the Chairman and the Secretary General of KSRI Please respond to these addresses: Tel. 62 21 7318863/ 6221 8852104 Fax: 62 21 7317949/ 62 21 8852104

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