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SUVA, Fiji - (August 18, 1998 - Daily Post/Pasific Nius/Niuswire)---Church involvement in politics threatens to split the Methodist Church Conference in Suva, the Daily Post reports.

President Rev Dr. Ilaitia Tuwere has appealed for calm and called for unity on the church stand of non-participation in "party politics."

The split is directly linked to the inclusion of a folder from the newly registered Veitokani ni Lewenivanua Vakarisito Party together in the official conference papers circulated to members.

The VLV was conceived and formed by a group of ministers and followers led by former President Rev, Manasa Lasaro.

Since its inception, the party has been linked to the Methodist Church.

But in a moving address to church ministers on Monday, Dr. Tuwere reminded members of a letter he circulated earlier in the year in which he pointed out the church stand that it should remain neutral and not be linked to any political party.

Title -- 1647 POLITICS_: Fiji Methodist church split looms Date -- 19 August 1998 Byline -- Staff Reporters Origin -- Pasifik Nius Source -- Daily Post (Fiji),19/8/98 Copyright -- Daily Post Status -- Abridged

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