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PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (September 4, 1998 - Samoa News)---The House of Representatives' main focus when the Territorial Legislature resumes Tuesday will be the Fiscal Year 1999 Budget.

The end of the fourth and final session of the 25th Legislature will conclude at the end of this month.

According to House Speaker Mailo Sao Nua, there is a lot of work pending before the House of Representatives, including several administration requests. "The main focus will be to review and pass the FY 1999 Budget, which still has not been submitted to lawmakers," Speaker Mailo told Samoa News.

Speaker Mailo also believes that the House membership might not be easily convinced to pass any proposed government revenue measures the Executive Branch plans to introduce during the last 20 days of the legislature.

Another matter to be taken up by the House is the passing of a resolution to petition the Secretary of the Interior to appoint a local independent counsel to investigate improprieties during last year's American Samoa Government vehicle/spare parts sale.

Although Speaker Mailo speculated that there will be objections on the House floor to such a resolution, he told Samoa News, "I am confident the majority will vote to pass the resolution."

For the Territorial Senate, they will have to decide the fate of legislation that does not recognized the name "Samoa" when referring to the former Western Samoa.

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