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PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (September 10, 1998 - Samoa News)---The status of another garment factory that planned to open in American Samoa is "not so promising," says Governor Tauese Sunia.

"They are facing some major financial setbacks and I am entertaining a new approach to convince the company to lease out their facilities to a new investor for the time being," Gov. Tauese told the Samoa News.

Presently, Daewoosa-Samoa has completed the construction of two dormitories to house the 150 Vietnamese workers it planned to bring in to start its operations. The factory has been completed and sewing machines and other equipment are on-island awaiting installation.

The Governor said that based on its financial problems with its off-island backers, Daewoosa has not moved forward or indicated a date when it hopes to start production.

"We haven't called in their 10-year lease," said the Chief Executive. "And with BCTC pulling out, it's only sensible that we try all avenues to help Daewoosa."

BCTC-Samoa early this week announced it will close down operation on November 10 of this year. (SEE: American Samoa Attempting To Preserve 300 Lost Garment Jobs, Pacific Islands Report, Monday, September 14, 1998)

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