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JAYAPURA, Irian Jaya (September 16, 1998 - Antara/Kabar Irian/Irian News)--- The Irian Jaya Military Command's fact finding team on the fatal shooting of a Cendrawasih University student during a rally last July 3, has identified a serviceman as the one who fired the deadly shot, a spokesman said. The student, Steven Suripaty, died in the hospital from a gun shot to his head.

The team which was set up to investigate the shooting case had collected some important clues pointing at one of nine military officers of the Jayapura military command (Korem 172) who were riding in a patrol car, said the team leader, Colonel Hendra Giri, here Tuesday.

Eight of them carried AK 47s loaded with live bullets, and one of them allegedly opened fire toward the protesting students, added the commander of the Trikora Military Police Corps.

He quoted a witness as saying the suspect was startled after pulling the trigger and firing in different directions.

The team suspected that one of the bullets from the suspect's gun hit Suripaty's head fatally and another victim, Korina Onim, who sustained serious knee injuries. His team was trying to collect more evidence to support its assumptions, Hendra said.

The team's findings were to be formally reported at a meeting with Trikora Commander Major General Amir Sembiring and Cendrawasih University Rector Frans Wospakrik.

Hendra Giri further said that the focus of the investigation carried out by the Trikora command's fact finding team was the shooting of Steven Suripaty and Korina Onim. A fact finding team from Cendrawasih University was investigating the beating up of an undercover security officer, First Sergeant Dahlan, and the seizure of his pistol.

The firing from the patrol car was triggered by the attack on Dahlan, who was observing the free speech rally being held by the students on their campus in Bepura sub district.

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