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(RA Sept. 30)---The Indonesian military has reached a ceasefire agreement with separatist Free Papua Movement, or O-P-M, in Irian Jaya.

Mark Bowling reports, an agreement has been reached to end armed conflict but it appears only some of the guerilla fighters are included in the deal:

The ceasefire has been announced by Major General Amir Sembiring who's command covers the remote border region with Papua New Guinea. The proposal came from the OPM military chief, Mathias Wenda, in a formal letter handed to the Indonesian General. The OPM has also proposed talks with the military. But the Free Papua movement has two other military leaders including the most senior, Kelly Kualic, commanding guerillas elsewhere in Irian Jaya. There names were not included in the cease fire letter. The OPM has waged a separatist camapign since 1969 when Irian Jaya was incorporated into Indonesia. The latest arrest flared in July when several seperatist supporters were killed in clashes with troops. Mark Bowling, Jakarta.

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