HONOLULU, Hawaii (November 4, 1998 - PIDP/CPIS/Hulsen)---Hawaii voters re-elected Ben Cayatano as state governor yesterday for another four years.

In a very close election contest, the Democratic Party candidate won over Republican contender Linda Lingle --the Mayor of Maui-- by about 10,000 votes. The latest count shows 194,580 votes for Cayatano and 185,370 for Lingle.

For weeks, voter polls showed Lingle to be the voters' choice, but by Election Day pollsters claimed a statistical dead heat. Cayatano pulled ahead when voters actually cast their ballots. He announced victory last night at 11:30.

In national contests, Hawaii returned long-time Senator Dan Inouye to Washington as well as Representatives Neil Abercrombie and Patsy Mink.

The so-called same-sex marriage proposal was defeated by a wide margin.

Voters approved a constitutional amendment that allows the Hawaii legislature to define marriage as exclusively between one man and one women.

Had the amendment failed, Hawaii would have become the first state in the union to permit marriage between two men or two women.

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