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WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 23, 1998 - Marianas Variety)---Congressman George Miller (D-Ca.) on Friday accused Republican Whip Tom DeLay of playing favorites, allegedly giving the CNMI a better treatment over Guam.

Miller issued the statement following DeLay's earlier call for the Department of the Interior to investigate the alleged misuse of federal funds in Guam.

Miller, Chairman of the House Resources Committee, noted that while the Republican Whip has raised concerns about Guam, he hasn't called an investigation of the situation in the CNMI.

"In fact, during the entire 105th Congress, on matters other than Puerto Rico status, the Resources Committee held only one hearing that dealt with issues affecting the U.S. territories," Miller stated in a press release from his office.

Miller said DeLay's "selective" call for investigation puts his objectivity in question.

He added, "The fact is, Rep. DeLay has been one of the most vigorous defenders of the CNMI policies in Congress and has even suggested that we use the CNMI system - massive use of foreign workers who are denied full labor protections - right here on the mainland!"

Miller said DeLay, being the third highest ranking Republican in the House, should support his call for Congressional hearing to check the situation in the CNMI.

"Why has Mr. DeLay never endorsed even minimal labor and human rights reforms for the CNMI despite the reports that document massive labor, immigration and human rights violations?" Miller said.

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