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By James Gumuno

KUNDIAWA, Papua New Guinea (December 23, 1998 - The National)---People at Duglogambal market in the Kerowagi district witnessed one of the largest bride price payment ceremonies over the weekend, in which more than 25 pigs and K10, 000 (US$ 4,700) in cash was paid for resident bride-to-be Wurupina Teine.

Charlie Kanut, with his relatives and clansmen from the Gembogl district in the Upper Chimbu, paid the price to the people of Wuagla Gegeku from the market's district.

More than 1,000 people came to witness the ceremony.

Gegeku spokesman Paul Kerewa said the traditional bride price system has changed due to modernization and the influence of cash money.

He said his father paid with stone axes, kina shells and pigs; but these things are no longer used in today's society.

"We are adapting to the changing times as reflected in the bride price payment today," Mr Kerewa said.

He told the people to uphold customs like barter system, pig killing ceremonies, traditional dancing and others.

Villager Joe Baglme told The National that not long ago more than K21,000 (US$ 9,850) and 30 pigs was paid as bride price to the people of Konduku in Mingende area by a Chimbu businessman.

The two bride price payments have set records in the Kunabau area.

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