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MAJURO, Marshall Islands (December 31 1998 - The Marshall Islands Journal)---The U.S. Postal Service has made repeated attempts, without success, to get U.S. military assistance with mail delivery to the Marshall Islands, according to the Honolulu District Manager of the USPS.

"On many occasions we have asked for assistance of the military at Hickam Air Force Base. but have not been successful," District Manager Edward L. Broglio wrote to U.S. Representative Patsy T. Mink (D-Hawaii) earlier in December.

Mail for the Marshall Islands has been repeatedly backlogged in Honolulu since Continental Micronesia reduced its service to two flights per week in September. The USPS does not have a contract with Continental to carry mail, so it does not get priority handling. In recent months, priority mail has been shipped to Majuro by sea on the Matson barge. USPS also charters special flights to fly in tons of mail stuck in Honolulu.

"The Aerial Mobility Command (AMC) flies three times a week to Kwajalein, which is approximately 300 miles from Majuro. If we could get AMC's support, we would then arrange for Air Marshalls to fly the mail to Majuro."

Broglio said that with Mink's support, "we may be able to receive support from the military."

Broglio's letter was in reply to questions raised by the Marshall Islands Journal to Rep. Mink about mail delivery problems.

He said that during the past two months, "Continental Airlines often has not been able to accept the mails due to passenger priority and weight limitations," he told Mink.

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