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YAREN, Nauru (January 7, 1999 - Radio Australia)---The Chairman of the South Pacific Games Council, Randall Cunliffe, says the 11th South Pacific Games will go ahead in Guam in May as scheduled.

Radio Australia correspondent Brenden Telfer reports that Mr. Cunliffe was speaking following a meeting in Guam which considered a series of options, including scaling down the games, postponing or canceling them altogether.

"Cunliffe's reassurances echoed Governor Carl Gutierrez, who stated that his administration would underwrite the event and honor its responsibilities.

"Earlier this week, members of the organizing committee stated that a series of reverses, super cyclone Parker, the Governor's election, which is still subject to appeal, and the economic downturn have threatened Guam's ability to stage the games.

"Cunliffe says there's enough time to correct the problems. But Cunliffe also concedes that the key to any Government assistance will be the island's legislative senators. There are 15, 12 of them are Republicans. The Democrat Governor needs eight of them to agree with his games policies.

"Brenden Telfer, Nauru."

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