SUBJECT: Comment on coverage of New Caledonian news

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FROM: Philippe Jacquot (
SUBJECT: Comment on coverage of New Caledonian news
DATE: January 6, 1999

Sir / Madam

Having grown up in New Caledonia and travelled quite extensively throughout the Pacific Islands, I have been a keen reader of the news on your web site since last October.

Having just read the article on a house fire in Noumea dated January 5, I would however like to bring to your attention the fact that your web site runs a high risk of becoming a political forum and lose much, if not all of its appeal.

My aim in this email is definitely not to ignite a debate on the last 200 years in the region, but only to stress the fact that I have so far valued your site as a good source of reliable regional news and that I would hate to see it evolve into a political ring.

So please, keep on giving your readers real news items devoid of thinly veiled one-sided political connotations.

And maybe you should also add to your list of newspaper sites. It might not call New Caledonia Kanaky, but it might also be the most read local newspaper (maybe unfortunately in French only so far).

Thanks, and please keep up informed in 1999.

Philippe Jacquot

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes has been added to the newspaper links sites.)

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