SUBJECT: Reaction to AirMike article

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FROM: Mike Osborn (
SUBJECT: Reaction to AirMike article
DATE: January 5, 1999

I just read the article by Lindablue F. Romero concerning the scaling back of AirMike flights in the CNMI-Japan routes.

Romero went on to say in a background paragraph that: "The U.S. carrier, whose parent company is Houston-based Continental Airlines, has been servicing the Micronesian Islands...".

I find that to be a significantly apt choice of words. Based on my frequent dealings with AirMike in the region -- notably the "Island Hopper" -- I call on my background in ranching to agree that AirMike "services" the region in a manner similar to the way in which one of my bulls "services" a cow.


Mike Osborn, former Peace Corps Volunteer, FSM and Palau

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