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FROM: Vikki John (VIKKI@lexsun.law.uts.edu.au) SUBJECT: Can you assist? - Bougainville.

Dear Bougainville Supporters,

We have received a request from Bougainville. Can you assist please?


* 240 volt diesel powered Generator of any description to donate for the administration office on Bougainville. (Will accept petrol powered also.)

* Tacometer to measure revolutions per minute.

* Solar panels for Radio communications.

* Amateur Radios (even broken ones can be repaired).

Please spread the word. If you can assist, please email v.john@uts.edu.au or telephone + 61-2-9558.2730

Thanking you in anticipation.

Vikki Bougainville Freedom Movement PO Box 134 Erskineville NSW 2043 Australia.

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