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GOVERNMENT OF THE FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA FSM Information Service Palikir, Federated States of Micronesia


January 20, 1999

Twenty Seven candidates, including President Jacob Nena and Vice President Leo A. Falcam, have filed nomination petitions for the March 2, FSM Congress General election.

The election is to fill the 14 seats in the FSM Congress: four At-Large, one from each state and 10, two-year seats including three from Pohnpei State, five for the state of Chuuk and one each from Kosrae and Yap States.

Five candidates have filed nomination petitions from Pohnpei, 12 from the state of Chuuk, six from Kosrae State and four from Yap State.

In the State of Chuuk, Chairman of the Committee on Resources and Development Redley Killion is being challenged by Chuuk State Attorney General Maketo Robert for the At-Large seat. For the two-year seats, in Election District No. 1, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Nishima Yleisah is being challenged by Fiuling S. Ruben and Herner Braiel. Senator Roosevelt D. Kansou is being opposed by Baltazar Bossy, in Election District No. 2, while in Election District No. 3, Speaker Jack Fritz is running unopposed. In Election District No. 4, incumbent John R. Petewon is being challenged by Siwiter (Sweeter) Sachuo, and in Election District No. 5, Adanasio (Ada) Smith, is running against incumbent Simeon Innocenti.

In the State of Kosrae, President Jacob Nena is competing with Yosiwo Palikkun George for the At-Large seat and Vice Speaker Claude H. Phillip is being challenged by Moses T. Mackwelung, former Governor of Kosrae, Renster P. Andrew, and Wilson L.J. Melander, for the two-year seat.

Vice President Leo A. Falcam is challenging Senator Resio S. Moses for the At-Large seat in Pohnpei. For the two-year seats, Senator Dohsis Halbert, Wagner M. Lawrence, and Peter M. Christian of Election District Numbers 1, 2 and 3, respectively, are running unopposed.

In Yap State, Floor Leader Joseph Urusemal and Yap State Director of Planning and Statistics Jesse Raglmar-Subolmar are vying for the At-Large seat while James Lukan, retired from the FSM Department of Foreign Affairs, is opposing Chairman of the Committee on External Affairs Isaac V. Figir.

The 11th FSM Congress, during its first regular session scheduled to convene on May 11, 1999, will elect the nation's President and Vice President from its At-Large members.

The state which the President and Vice President will be elected from, will then hold special elections to fill the two seats vacated.

The Office of the National Election Director received an initiative petition for a Constitutional Amendment from the States of Yap, Kosrae, and Pohnpei. The initiative has met the requirements to be on the ballot in the March 2 general election. Chuuk State did not submit any petition to the President in relation to the Constitutional Amendment. The proposed amendment calls for revenue sharing between the National and State Governments be on a 30/70 percent basis; that the fees collected pursuant to foreign fishing agreements be divided 50/50 percent between the National and State Governments; and that the states have sovereign ownership over the natural resources within their boundaries, including in the Exclusive Economic Zone.

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