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FROM: Martin Hadlow, UNESCO (m.hadlow@index.com.jo)

TO: hulsena@ewc.hawaii.edu

DATE: February 6, 1999

(SEE: Pacific Islands Report, Friday, February 5, 1999, SPEECH: Media Freedom In The Pacific Islands)

Thanks so much for your web-site. I read it almost every day. It's great to keep up with Pacific islands news. The Internet is a communication revolution!!

I was pleased to read William Parkinson's speech given yesterday in Tokyo. Do you have an e-mail address for William? Or maybe for PINA? (I could not find the link via your site).

Martin Hadlow Director, UNESCO, Amman, Jordan

EDITOR: The e-mail address for PINA, the Pacific Islands News Association is (pina@is.com.fj). William Parkinson is President of PINA.

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