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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (March 12, 1999 - Communication Arts Department, Divine Word University, PNG/Post-Courier)---Classes at the University of Papua New Guinea will be cancelled today as students hold a sit-in protest over the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Dr. Rodney Hills and a controversial restructure, the Post-Courier reports.

Student Representative Council executive officer Allan Yaku said yesterday that students were also trying to file a court injunction against the "illegal implementation of the restructure" and to sue the Vice-Chancellor, the UPNG Council and the Education Department.

Mr. Yaku said students will not attend classes today. They will instead hold a sit-in protest and petition the University Council over the two issues.

"We want the Vice Chancellor to take the restructure with him if he is going away," Mr. Yaku said.

Dr Hills was forcefully implementing the new UPNG restructure "illegally and it has to be stopped because procedures were not followed."

The students demanded a return to the old two semester system rather than the three term system which was introduced under the new system.

Academic faculties were scrapped and others redrawn under the restructure.

Title -- 1985 EDUCATION: UPNG studies off as sit-in starts

Date -- 14 March 1999 Byline -- None

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Source -- Communication Arts Department, Divine Word University, PNG, 12/3/99

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By Phil-Peers Yombon

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (March 12, 1999 - The National)---Students at the University of Papua New Guinea unanimously resolved yesterday to stage a sit-in protest today against implementation of the university's restructure plans.

Student Council Representative Benny Tanda said last night that the purpose of the protest was to petition the University Council against the restructure.

"Since the captain of the ship (Vice Chancellor Dr. Rodney Hills) is going away, it is better that the restructure sails with him," Mr. Tanda said.

Mr. Tanda said the students would petition the UPNG Council when it meets today on the resignation of Dr Hills.

"It is good that Dr Hills resigned, but we want him to remain in the country and clear the mess before he leaves," he said.

Mr. Tanda also said part of the restructure would enable the University Council to re-divert the K 4.3 million allocated recently by the Government.

These funds had been provided for the purpose of reinstating the axed Creative Arts Faculty and Journalism and Library programs and should not be used for any other purpose, he said.

Mr. Tanda expressed concern that Education Minister Muki Taranupi's direction to reinstate the affected faculties has been disregarded by the University Council.

The students are also planning today to serve the university administration and council with a court summons.

UPNG Registrar Vincent Maliabe said the students had not sought his approval for the sit-in.

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