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MANOKWARI, Irian Jaya (March 16, 1999 - Antara-Kabar-Irian)---The Netherlands has in the past five years been providing medical drugs for people in Irian Jaya suffering from leprosy and tuberculosis.

"The Dutch aid consisted of medical equipment, medicines and doctors," the head of the Irian Jaya provincial health office, Dr. W.E. Kalalo said here on Tuesday.

The Dutch government has also provided US$ 17 million to build a hospital in the "integrated economic development zone" (kapet) in Biak, in addition to US$ 5 million for building a clean water facility.

Meanwhile, Biak kapet chief Brigadier General Frans Willem de Wanna said that the new hospital will be a great help to foreign tourists, because many World War Two veterans who are generally over 60 years old often visited the area.

The new clean water facility, Willem de Wanna said, will serve the people on Biak island, most of whom have been using brackish and rain water, and even seawater for their laundry.

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