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KOROR, Palau (March 15, 1999 - Tia Belau)---Construction of a new three-story Mindszenty High School, to replace the one that burned down in 1978, is under way.

Officials estimate the costs at about $450,000, with a scheduled completion date of September this year.

The government has appropriated an initial $100,000 to begin the project, while $14,000 has been raised by the Catholic Mission Schools.

With the funding of the project still less than half of the total cost estimate, a fund raising committee has been soliciting funds from local businesses and individuals to meet the project's total costs.

Foundation work alone totals more than $100,000, while ground floor work, the second floor and equipment rental for phase two will cost about $50,700.

The construction planning began a few years back during meetings of alumni of the mission schools, the Catholic Community of Palau and the Vicar of the Catholic Church.

The construction work is being carried out by the Catholic Construction Committee, made up of alumni volunteers and hired workers. The design comes from KPFF Consulting in Seattle, Washington.

The fund raising committee welcomes any contribution from the public, be it monetary, labor, materials, or equipment. For more information, contact the Vicar’s office at 488-1758, Minister Elias Chin at 488-3198 or Kyoni Isechal at 488-3004.

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