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PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (March 24, 1999 - Samoa News)--A McDonald’s franchise is tentatively scheduled to open in American Samoa in October, bringing new job opportunities and a boost to the Territory’s economy, says Rep. Agaoleatu Charlie Tautolo of TRT Corporation, who bought the local franchise from McDonald’s in Australia.

"The planning for the McDonald’s franchise did not occur overnight, but involved sacrifices that started in May of last year," according to Agaoleatu, in an interview with the Samoa News.

Agaoleatu said he kept quiet about the franchise until it materialized. He, however, opened up to Samoa News following a hearing in the House regarding the land lease in Tafuna, where the internationally known fast-food chain franchise will stand.

"I am a businessman. I find ways to help stimulate our economy, provide employment opportunities and at the same time, help our government," Agaoleatu said. "But it is a risky investment. I have put a lot of my own money into the project."

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