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FUNAFUTI, Tuvalu (January 1999 - Echoes)---The Pacific Regional Agriculture Program (PRAP) has begun its fourth consecutive year of work in Tuvalu. The project is based within the Department of Agriculture and has provided assistance, since the end of 1995, to farmers and home gardeners by the provision of vegetable seeds, cuttings, seedlings, and advice on cultivation techniques of various fruits and vegetables.

Two nurseries have been established to date, one on Funafuti and one on Vaitupu as centers for the project's work and as demonstrations to anyone who is interested in growing their own supply of fresh vegetables.

Leaflets have also been produced as a guide to all aspects of home gardening in Tuvalu’s conditions, including establishing a garden, maintenance, harvesting, and the cooking of vegetables and fruits.

Funded by the European Union under the umbrella of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), the PRAP project will continue in Tuvalu until the end of 1999 and possibly beyond, if further funding is made available.

Anyone requiring assistance to grow their own free supply of fresh fruits and vegetables should contact the PRAP staff at TEL: 20-825 (Funafuti) or TEL: 30-108 (Vaitupu) or contact the Funafuti Department of Agriculture office.

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